Finger gestures

To navigate your phone and perform different actions through the touchscreen, you use your finger(s) directly on the screen.

  • To select or activate something, like an app, widget, or a menu option, simply touch it.
  • To type something, like a name, password, etc., just touch where you want to type. An onscreen keyboard will appear and you will be able to type your text by touching the symbols.


How it works


Simply touch items briefly with your finger. You touch onscreen buttons, applications and settings icons to activate them and you touch letters and symbols on the onscreen keyboard to type text.

Touch & hold

You touch & hold an item on the screen by touching it and not lifting your finger until an action occurs.


Double-touching is touching an item quickly twice. You can double-touch a section of a webpage or a map to zoom.


You drag an item by touching & holding it for a moment first, and then, without lifting your finger, moving your finger on the screen until you reach the target position.

Swipe or slide

You swipe or slide by quickly moving your finger across the surface of the screen without pausing when you first touch the screen (otherwise you may drag an item instead). You can swipe or slide up and down and side to side.


In some applications like Gallery, Maps, etc., you can zoom out by placing two fingers on the touchscreen at once and pinching them together or zoom in by spreading fingers apart.

Rotate the screen

You change the orientation of the screen from portrait to landscape by simply turning the phone from upright to its side and back again.

To use this gesture, you'll need to ensure that auto-rotation is enabled in the phone's settings: On a Home screen, touch the Menu key (=) > Touch "System settings" > In the "Device" section, touch "Display" > Check "Auto-rotate screen" by touching it. To disable auto-rotation of the screen, touch "Auto-rotate screen" again to uncheck it.