How do I add a Google Account on my phone?

You can add a Google Account in several ways:

  • When you turn on and set up your phone for the first time - when asked whether you have a Google Account, touch "Yes" to sign in with an existing account or "No" to create a new account > follow the onscreen instructions to complete signing in.
  • When you open an app that requires a Google Account, e.g. Gmail, Google Play, etc. for the first time, you will be asked to sign in.
  • Anytime from the phone's settings - on a Home screen, touch the Menu key (=) > Touch "System settings" > In the "Accounts" section, touch "+ Add account" > Touch "Google" > Follow the onscreen instructions.

    NOTE: Adding a Google Account requires an Internet connection either via mobile data or a wireless network (Wi-Fi). Learn more about mobile data in section "Mobile networks", and about Wi-Fi in section "Wi-Fi networks".