Create your first remote control

To use your phone as a remote control for, for example, your TV, you will need to record the commands of your TV's IR remote control into your phone first.

  1. On a Home or All Apps screen, touch the Remote app icon .
  2. The first time you open the Remote app, a series of intro screens will be displayed:
  3. When you touch "Done" on the intro screens, a "Create new remote" screen opens.

    Here, you will see a number of preset remote-control templates you can choose from, e.g. TV, Teletext, Audio, Video, etc.

    Scroll down to view all the templates, and touch the one you want to set up.

  4. In the "Properties" screen, type the name of your remote control, e.g. TV (A.) and location, e.g. living room (B.). If you want you can assign an image (D.) or a color (C.) as a background for your remote control. Then touch "Create" (E).
  5. A series of Help screens opens to help you set up your new remote control:
  6. When you close the Help screens, your remote control opens in the Editing mode.

The red circles indicate remote buttons that have not been assigned any commands yet. The icons along the top of the screen give you different editing options.

An onscreen guide will guide you through the recording process - just follow the instructions on the screen.

If you experience problems with recording a command, try adjusting the position of your remote control and/or the distance between the phone and the remote control.

NOTE: Not all types of remote controls may be supported by the Remote app.