Rename your Wi-Fi hotspot and manage its security

You can rename your phone's Wi-Fi network and secure it with a password if you want.

  1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key (=).
  2. Touch "System settings".
  3. Under "Wireless & networks", touch "More …".
  4. Touch "Tethering & portable hotspot".
  5. Touch "Set up Wi-Fi hotspot".
  6. To change the name of your phone's network name, touch the "Network SSID" field and use the onscreen keyboard that opens to type a new name.
  7. To change your network's security, touch the "Security" field and touch the desired option. Choosing "WPA PSK" or "WPA2 PSK" adds a password field to the "Set up Wi-Fi hotspot" dialog. If you enter a password, you will need to re-enter that password when you connect to the hotspot with a computer or other device.

    To remove security from your phone's Wi-Fi network, choose "None".

  8. When you are done, touch "Save".