Wireless and networks settings overview

Settings name

What you can do with them


More info in section "Wi-Fi networks"

  • Turn Wi-Fi ON or OFF.
  • Add Wi-Fi networks or "forget" added networks.
  • Configure proxy settings for a Wi-Fi network.
  • Change Wi-Fi notifications and disconnect policy.
  • Wi-Fi-direct settings, etc.


More info in section "Bluetooth"

  • Turn Bluetooth ON or OFF.
  • Pair and unpair Bluetooth devices.
  • Set your device's visibility, etc.

Data usage

More info in section "Monitor and control mobile data usage"

  • Turn mobile data ON or OFF.
  • Monitor your data usage.
  • Monitor your Wi-Fi usage
  • Set data usage warning and limit.
  • Monitor how individual apps use data, etc.

Airplane mode (under the "More..." tab)

More info in section "Airplane mode"

  • Turn Airplane mode ON or OFF.

VPN (under the "More…" tab)

  • Connect to and manage Virtual Private NetwVPNs.

Tethering & portable hotspot (under the "More…" tab)

  • Turn your phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and manage it by giving it a different name, creating a password, etc.
  • Share your phone's Internet connection via USB or Bluetooth.

NFC (under the "More…" tab)

  • Turn Near Field Communication (NFC) ON or OFF.

Android Beam (under the "More…" tab)

  • Transfer data between your phone and another NFC-capable device by touching them together.

Mobile networks (under the "More…" tab)

More info in section "Mobile networks"

  • Enable or disable data & data roaming.
  • Set preferred network mode.
  • Manage access point names (APNs).
  • Set the phone to only use 2G networks
  • Select a network operator.

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