System settings overview

Settings name

What you can do with them

Date & time

  • Set the date, time and time zone.
  • Change how date and time are displayed.


Make your phone easier to use if you have visual impairments.

  • TalkBack - enable or disable Google's TalkBack service that controls spoken feedback for visually impaired users and configure its settings.
  • Enable magnification gestures to be able to zoom in and out by triple-tapping the screen.
  • Large text - change font size to the largest available.
  • Power button ends call - set the phone to end calls when you press the Power key.
  • Auto-rotate screen - enable auto-rotation of the screen from portrait to landscape view.
  • Speak passwords - enable spoken feedback when typing passwords.
  • Turn on or off the accessibility shortcut.
  • Text-to-speech output
  • Touch & hold delay - set the delay for touch & hold actions.

Developer options

  • Advanced options for developers.

About phone

More info in section "Update your phone"

  • System update - check for available firmware updates.
  • Status - view details about your phone's status, battery, mobile network connection, etc.
  • Legal information - read legal information about the software included with your phone.
  • View details about the model numbers and versions of the hardware and software in your phone.