Entering text and symbols

When you need to enter text on your phone, you type text using the onscreen keyboard. In some apps, the onscreen keyboard opens automatically. In others, you have to touch where you want to type, and the keyboard pops up. To close the keyboard, touch the Back key.

  • To enter text, simply touch the letters, numbers or symbols on the onscreen keyboard.
  • As you type, the keyboard displays suggestions above the top row of keys - to accept a suggestion, touch it.
  • To type capital letters, touch the Shift key once for one letter, or touch and hold it while you type several capital letters. Release the key to go back to lowercase letters.
  • To enter numbers or symbols, touch . For more options, touch .
  • To quickly access most common punctuation and symbols, touch & hold to the right of the space bar > Slide your finger to the desired symbol.
  • Touch the microphone icon to speak your text instead of typing it. To enter punctuation, say "comma", "period", "question mark", "exclamation mark" or "exclamation point".
  • To quickly access keyboard settings, touch & hold the microphone icon > Slide your finger towards the "Settings" icon that now appears on the screen > In the "Input options" menu, touch "Input languages" to change input language or "Android Keyboard Settings" for more advanced options.
  • Most of the keys have more than one symbol/letter assigned to them. The additional letters/symbols are indicated with a smaller font at the bottom of each key. To enter these, touch & hold the key > Slide your finger towards the letter or symbol you want to enter.