Restrict data usage by app

Some apps transfer data in the background. This means that even when you are not actually using the app, it may send and receive data. To reduce your overall data usage you may want to consider restricting such background data usage for individual apps.

NOTE: The method described below is a drastic measure that may affect an app's performance or cause it to malfunction. Check whether data usage can be restricted from the app's own settings (usually accessible by touching the Menu key (=) inside the app) before restricting it as described below.

  1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key (=).
  2. Touch "System settings".
  3. Under "Wireless & networks", touch "Data usage".
  4. Scroll down to find the app whose data usage you want to view.

    The blue bar for each app indicates its total data usage for the cycle specified above the graph.

  5. To see more details for an app, touch it.

    The main graph changes to show only the selected app's data usage for the specified cycle.

  6. Below the main graph, a pie chart breaks out foreground vs. background data usage for this app.

    To stop background data usage for this app, check "Restrict background data".

  7. Read the message that appears. If you are willing to proceed, touch "OK".