Find more apps on Google Play™

Google Play is an online entertainment store from Google. This is where you find new Android apps and games for your phone. Some apps on Google Play are free, and some are paid. Apps that can be downloaded for free have a "FREE" label.

You can access Google Play both from the Web and directly from your phone. To access Google Play on the phone, you use the Google Play Store app . Google Play requires that you sign in with your Google Account. If you haven't already added your Google Account on your phone, you will be prompted to do this the first time you open the Google Play Store app - simply follow the onscreen instructions.

NOTE: For the Google Play Store app to work properly, you need to have strong connectivity on your device. You can connect using a wireless network (Wi-Fi) or via a mobile data connection. You may be charged extra for mobile data usage - please check with your service provider.