Create and manage folders with apps

You can create folders that contain several apps both on a Home screen and in the Dock by stacking apps on top of each other.

Create a folder

  1. Touch & hold an app icon.
  2. Without lifting your finger, slide the app towards another app on a Home screen or in the Dock.
  3. Lift you finger to drop the app over another app - the apps will be combined in a folder.

Rename a folder

  1. Touch a folder to open it.
  2. Touch the folder's name.
  3. Type the new name.
  4. Touch "Done".

Remove an app from a folder

  1. Open the folder by touching it.
  2. Touch & hold the app icon you want to remove.
  3. Without moving your finger, slide the app toward the Remove icon at the top of the screen.
  4. Lift your finger to drop the app over the Remove icon .

You can use the same technique to remove the whole folder from a Home screen or the Dock.