About Home screen

When you press the Home key (the physical key right below the screen), you see your main Home screen. Here, you can place your favorite applications, widgets, shortcuts, and other items that you use the most. You can add additional Home screens if you need more space for your apps and widgets.

From any Home screen, you can access all the features of your phone. No matter what you do, you can always return to your Home screen by pressing the Home key.

Whenever you view a Home screen you will see the following elements:

  • The Status bar at the top of the screen, displaying time, notification icons and status icons
  • The Google Search bar below the Status bar - from here you can search your phone and the web
  • Apps and/or widgets that you've placed on the Home screen
  • The Dock with the Dock icons at the bottom of the screen

You can personalize your Home screen by changing the wallpaper, adding more app shortcuts and widgets, rearranging the items on the Home screen, changing the apps displayed in the Dock, etc.