Adding contacts on your phone

You use the People app to view your contacts, create new contacts, edit your contacts' details, import/export contacts, search for a particular contact, etc. Moreover, you can call, text and email your contacts directly from the People app.

To add contacts on your phone, you have several options:

  • If you have a Google Account with contacts' details, all your Google contacts will be downloaded to your phone as soon as you sign in with your Google Account on your phone, and you will be able to view them in the People app . You may need to check the sync settings to ensure that contacts get synced on your phone. For more info, see subsection "Add contacts from your Google Account" .
  • If you have a SIM card with contacts' details, you can import them using the People app . For more info, see subsection "Import contacts from a SIM card".
  • You can also add contacts manually in the People app . For more info, see subsection "Add a contact manually".

Add contacts from your Google Account

For your existing Google contacts to be added on your phone you only need to add your Google Account on your phone and make sure that synchronization of contacts is enabled.

If you haven't already signed in with your Google Account, do the following:

  1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key (=).
  2. Touch "System settings".
  3. In the "ACCOUNTS" section, touch "+ Add account".
  4. Touch "Google".
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter information about your account.

Once you've added your Google Account, you can check the synchronization settings for your Google contacts. You can enable and disable the synchronization (sync) of contacts. When sync is on, you can access and edit your contacts from any device or computer, and whenever you make changes, these will be displayed across all of your devices. This way, you will need to add or edit your contacts only once.

To check whether contacts sync is ON:

  1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key (=).
  2. Touch "System settings".
  3. In the "ACCOUNTS" section, touch "Google".
  4. Touch the name of the account whose contacts you want to sync on your phone.
  5. Make sure the "Contacts" option is ticked off.

TIP: Learn more about adding, syncing and managing accounts on your phone in section "Accounts and data synchronization".

Import contacts from a SIM card

  1. Install your nano SIM card in your phone (see how in either the "Quick start guide" that came with your phone or section "Getting started" in this user manual).
  2. Open the People app .
  3. Touch the Menu key (=).
  4. Touch "Import/export".
  5. Touch "Import from SIM card".
  6. If you are asked to choose an account, touch the account where you want to add the contacts.
    • To import contacts one at a time, touch the individual contacts you want to import.
    • To import all contacts at once, touch the Menu key (=), and then touch "Import all".

Add a contact manually

You can also create new contacts manually on your phone.

  1. Open the People app .
  2. Touch at the top to make sure you are in the "All contacts" tab.
  3. Touch the "Add contact" icon in the bottom right corner.
  4. Enter your new contact's details.
  5. When you are finished, touch "Done".