Using Behavior Control with a Lumigon dock

If you "pair" a specific Behavior Control profile with a Lumigon dock, the profile will be activated whenever you place the phone in this dock and disabled when you remove the phone from the dock.

What makes "pairing" a Behavior Control profile with a Lumigon dock possible are the three switches under the rubber cover on the bottom side of the dock. Each of the three switches can be set in two different positions - the top switch can be set in position 1 or 4, the middle switch in position 2 or 5, and the bottom switch in position 3 or 6 (see the image below). As a result, the switches can be set in 8 different combinations that are recognized by the phone when you place it in a dock. Each combination can be "paired" with a behavior profile.

The eight possible switch settings for the Lumigon dock are displayed below:

To change the dock switch setting:

  • Just push the individual switches from one side to another.

Pair a Behavior Control profile with a dock

  1. First, configure a profile you want to pair with your dock as described in subsection "Configure a Behavior Control profile".
  2. Remove the rubber cover on the bottom side of your Lumigon dock and set the switches in one of the eight possible combinations (see above). Make sure to remember which switch setting you pair with which behavior profile.
  3. Replace the rubber cover on the dock.
  4. Place your phone in the dock.
  5. In the dialog that appears on the screen, touch the name of the profile you've configured to be paired with this dock, and then touch "Apply".

    The profile will be paired with the dock's current switch setting and activated on your phone straight away.

    The next time you place your phone in your dock with the same switch setting, this behavior profile will be activated automatically.