T3 user manual

First steps
Inside the box
Get started
Insert SIM card
Charge the phone
Turn on the phone
Follow the onscreen instructions
Setting up - Tips and tricks
Keys and connectors
Physical keys vs. onscreen keys
Using the keys and connectors
Accessing the settings
Wireless and networks - settings overview
Device - settings overview
Personal - settings overview
System - settings overview
SIM cards
Using dual SIM
Setting up your SIM cards
Mobile data
Text messages
Fingerprint reader
About fingerprint reader
Setting up the fingerprint reader
The Home screen and its elements
About Home screen
Status bar and Notifications panel
The Dock and the Dock icons
Personalise your Home screen
Sidewinder launcher
About Sidewinder
Activating Sidewinder
Setting up Sidewinder
About Accounts
Add an Account
Remove an Account
About ActionKey
Enabling and disabling the ActionKey
Configuring the ActionKey
Using the ActionKey in the Camera app
About BackTouch
Enabling BackTouch for standard apps
Enabling BackTouch for specific apps
Notification light
About notification light
Enable and disable the notification light
About Vault
Enter the Vault
Import existing or add new contacts into the Vault
Import images/video into the Vault
Export or delete images/videos from the Vault
Private web browser
Private notes
Import an app into the Vault
Use your phone as a universal remote control
About the remote control feature
Create your first remote control
Create multiple remote controls
Navigate between your remote controls
Back up your remote controls
Update your phone
About updating phone
Check for new firmware manually
Change Updater settings
Take photos and record videos
About cameras
Opening the cameras
Switching between Camera and Video modes
Switch between the front and back cameras
Take a photo
Record a video
Record in slow motion
Take a panoramic photo
Take a picture-in-picture (PIP) photo or video
Using the Night vision camera
Adjust camera settings
Legal information
Limitation of damages