Tips & tricks

  • Action Key Open or Close

    The ActionKey gives you access to cool shortcuts while you’re on the move. 

    • Record memos during a call. Don’t miss out on important call details. The ActionKey allows you to quickly record call memos so you can revisit them later. Simply press the ActionKey during a call to start/stop recording.
    • Turn Flashlight on even when your phone is locked with a long press of the ActionKey
    • Silence ringer, answer calls, launch an app and more! To activate:
      • Open Settings -> ActionKey -> Enable -> Select your desired action and the type of key press
  • Flip to mute Open or Close

    You can mute an incoming phone call by turning your phone face down when you can’t attend to it right away. To activate:

    • Open Settings -> Sound and Notification -> General -> Settings -> Switch On “Flip to Mute”
  • Pinch to zoom Open or Close

    Take an even closer look at your captured videos by using 2 fingers with pinch to zoom

  • Makeup Mirror Open or Close

    Who needs a mirror when your phone has one? Move the slider to give you the best lighting when you need to freshen up. 

  • Take pictures in total darkness Open or Close

    Amaze your friends with the T3’s Night Vision camera, which allows you to take pictures and record videos in total darkness. Capture any moment discreetly under any light conditions. 

  • Easy access to your favourite website Open or Close

    Get the latest update from that one website you can’t live without. From your home screen, slide sideways until you see the Sidewinder screen. Scroll up and and down using the T3’s BackTouch to browse the latest content. To activate:

    • Open Settings -> Desktop -> Switch on "Enable Sidewinder launcher screen"
  • Show clock when charging Open or Close

    Know exactly the time, date and upcoming alarms, without lifting a finger, while your phone is charging, even at night. To activate go to:

    • Settings -> Display -> Daydream -> Clock -> Overflow menu (3 dots on upper right) -> When to daydream -> Select your prefered action
  • Stream while on standby Open or Close

    Continue to enjoy your favourite music and podcasts on your daily commute while your phone is on standby. To activate:

    • Settings -> Battery -> Battery saver -> Switch off "Disable mobile data in standby"
  • Easy access to notifications Open or Close

    Slide down from anywhere on the main screen to show all your notifications. To activate:

    • Settings -> Desktop -> Switch on "Slide down on main screen"
  • Camera shortcut Open or Close

    With these shortcuts, there’s no need to unlock your phone to capture that perfect moment.

    • From the Lock Screen, swipe up the camera icon on the bottom right corner of the display to take a photo or record videos.
    • Press and hold the physical camera key on the bottom right side of your T3
  • Slow motion Open or Close

    Show off a cool video you have just captured by slowing it down. To record in slow motion:

    • Open the Camera app -> Select Slow Motion icon -> Start recording
  • How do I take a screenshot? Open or Close
    • Press and hold the power key for a few seconds -> Press screenshot -> Scroll down from the top of the screen to view the screenshot.
  • Scheduled power on and off Open or Close
    • You can set up your phone to automatically power on and off.
    • To set it up go to Settings -> Scheduled power on & off.
    • Here you can choose which days and at what time the power on or off should be scheduled.
  • On screen message Open or Close
    • You can set up an on screen message, to show an emergency contact person, health information in case of an emergency or any other message.
    • To set it up go to Settings -> Security -> Lock screen message -> Enter the message you would like to add
    • The message will be shown on your screen, whenever it is locked.
  • Monitor and limit data usage Open or Close
    • Go to Settings -> Data usage
    • in the overview you can see how much data you have used on cellular networks and WiFi networks
    • By selecting your cellular network operator, you can then choose to set a limit for your data consumption.
      Move the slider up or down to choose your desired limit.
    • Your phone will now give you a warning when you have reached the warning limit and turn off your data connection when the final limit is reached.
    • Make sure the billing cycle is set up corresponding to your operator cycle. You can change it by pressing on the date interval and then change cycle
  • Double tap Open or Close

    • You can activate your screen by double tapping on it, while it is locked.
    • To activate this feature go to Settings -> Display -> Gestures -> Wakeup.

  • Show week numbers Open or Close

    Quickly know what week of the year it is by glancing at your calendar. To activate:

    • Calendar -> Menu -> Settings -> General -> Switch on "Show week number"