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On these pages you'll find information on how to get started with your T3, user manuals and various tips & tricks for making the most of your T3.


Troubleshooting Guide

  • How do I turn on my phone? Open or Close
    • Press and hold down the POWER key for 2 seconds until the Lumigon logo appears on the screen, and then release the key.
  • My T3 won’t turn on – but it shows the Lumigon logo in the display. Open or Close
    • In case your Lumigon T3 does not start up right away when you turn it on, but it shows the Lumigon logo, it is because it is loading the software which is not unusual.
    • This process may take up to half an hour to complete. Make sure to connect the phone to the charger and leave it to complete the installation. The next time you turn on the phone you will experience the normal quick start up.
  • How do I insert the sim card? Open or Close
    • Please find the instructions here
    • If your sim card does not fit in the sim tray, please contact the network provider and order a new Nano sim card.
  • My T3 cannot send text messages. Open or Close
    • As Lumigon T3 is a dual SIM card phone, make sure that you have selected the correct SIM slot for your operator.
    • Go to Settings →  SIM cards → SMS messages → select the SIM card/operator you wish to use for text messages.
  • My T3 cannot connect to internet via mobile data. Open or Close
    • As Lumigon T3 is a dual SIM card phone, make sure that you have selected the correct SIM Slot for your operator.
    • Go to Settings →  SIM cards → Mobile Data → select the SIM card/operator you wish to use for text messages.
    • It is possible to disable mobile data, so please check if mobile data is enabled in the menu.
    • Go to Settings →  Data usage → select the operator on the top right of the screen. You will now find Mobiledata on the top of the screen where you can enable or disable mobile data in the right side of the screen.
    • TIP: You can also enable/disable Mobile data easily from anywhere on your T3 by dragging your finger down until you see your Notifications panel. Drag your finger down one more time until you see a list of shortcuts. Select the operator → enable/disable Mobile data → Done
  • I cannot connect my T3 to my Windows computer. Open or Close

    If your T3 does not appear automatically in the list of connected devices, you can configure your phone manually following the step by step guide below.


    Settings on T3

    • Connect your phone to the computer with the cable that is included in the sales pack of T3.
    • Drag down the Status bar from the top of the screen to open the Notifications panel. Touch “USB for charging”, which you will find within your notifications. 
    • Select “Transfer files (MTP)” from the menu


    Settings on your PC

    • Right click on the “Start” button
    • Click “Device Manager
    • In der overview right click “Unknown devices”, which you will find under “Other devices”
    • Select “Update Driver Software” in the menu
    • Select “Browse my computer for driver software
    • Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
    • Select “Universal Serial Bus controllers
    • Select “MTP USB Device


    Now your Lumigon T3 will be visible in your File Explorer on your PC under “Portable Devices”

  • I cannot find the Altimeter, Compass and Temperature Sensor app in my T3. Open or Close
    • These features are included in the latest Software Update. Make sure your system is up to date.
    • Go to Settings -> About phone -> System Update -> Check now
  • How do I find previously downloaded apps? Open or Close
    • To find your previously downloaded apps, go to Play Store – in the top left corner you can access the menu, in the menu you can select My apps & games, you will now find a list of your apps installed on the phone.
    • Select All in the top and see all the Android apps you have downloaded from Play store.
    • If you wish to download an app from the list to your T3, just touch and hold on the chosen app and the option Install will appear in the top right corner.


If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at support@lumigon.com and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.