T2 HD tips & tricks

  • Make your battery last longer Open or Close

    Here are some tips to help you make your battery last longer between charges - for example, by turning off features that you don't need.

    To access the system settings described below:

    1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key.
    2. Touch "System settings".


    TIP 1. Turn down the display brightness and set a shorter Sleep timeout.

    Open "System settings" > Under "Device", touch "Display".


    TIP 2. Disable automatic sync of your e-mail, calendar events, contacts, etc.

    Instead synchronize the data you need manually when you need it.

    Open "System settings" > Under "Accounts", touch the account whose sync settings you want to change > Touch the types of the data (e.g. calendar, contacts, e-mail, etc.) to check or uncheck them.


    TIP 3. Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when you are not using them.

    For Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, go to Settings > Wireless & networks.

    For GPS settings, go to Settings > under Personal, select Location access.


    TIP 4. Set a data usage limit.

    This way you can adjust when mobile data is turned off automatically.

    Open "System settings" > Under "Wireless & networks", touch "Data usage" > Tick off "Set mobile data limit" > Drag the red line up or down to set the limit.


    TIP 5. Set the phone to only use 2G networks.

    Open "System Settings" > Under "Wireless & networks", touch "More..." > Touch "Mobile networks" > Tick off "Use only 2G networks".


    TIP 6. Restrict apps' background data usage.

    Many apps that you install from Google Play™ such as Facebook, Skype, etc. may send and receive data in the background all the time, thus draining the battery. To prevent this, some apps allow you to restrict their background data usage in their own settings.

    Open the app whose background data you want to restrict > touch the Menu key to view the available settings options.

    You can also restrict apps' data usage by going to "Settings" > Under "Wireless & networks", touch "Data usage" > Touch the app for which you want to restrict data usage > Tick off "Restrict background data" (if available).

    Please note that this is a drastic measure that may affect the app's performance and may cause it to malfunction.

  • Avoid a bill shock for roaming Open or Close

    Using data on your smartphone when travelling to a foreign country may become a costly experience as data roaming is usually expensive.

    Even if you pay a fixed monthly price for your data services, data roaming is usually not included. Please check what's included in your service plan and the rates with your service provider.

    To avoid a bill shock when you return home, you may want to turn off data roaming altogether while abroad.

    To turn data roaming off:

    1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key (bottom left corner of the touchscreen).
    2. Touch "System settings".
    3. Under "Wireless & Networks", touch "More...".
    4. Touch "Mobile networks".
    5. Remove the checkmark next to "Data roaming" by touching it.

    To stay connected while abroad without breaking the bank, use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Some Wi-Fi hotspots are free, and some cost money. But usually Wi-Fi is less expensive than data roaming.

  • Summer tip: Make your screen easy to read with Sunlight mode Open or Close

    When you are out in the sun, the screen of your smartphone may get difficult to read. To ensure that you can read your texts, e-mails, etc. both indoors and outdoors, we have developed a special Sunlight mode for our Lumigon smartphones.

    Sunlight mode makes the text white and the background black in most apps, making the screen easy to read even in direct sunlight.

    To be able to use Sunlight mode, you will need to activate the Sunlight toggle in the phone’s settings first.

    To activate the Sunlight toggle:

    1. On a Home screen, touch the Menu key.
    2. Touch “Home screen settings”.
    3. Under “Appearance”, find and touch “Sunlight toggle”.
    4. Press the Home key to return to the main Home screen.

    To turn Sunlight mode ON or OFF:

    Once the Sunlight toggle is enabled, whenever you need to switch to and from Sunlight mode, simply touch & hold the All Apps key Lumigon logo small iconin the middle of the Dock on any of your Home screens.

  • Quick access to camera Open or Close

    When you encounter an excellent scene, you often have only a few seconds to capture it. Here are two tips for instantly accessing the Camera app on your T2 HD.

    Swipe to open

    Even if your T2 HD is secured with a screen lock, like a pin or a password, you can access the camera by swiping with your finger from the right edge of the screen to the left. You can even see the photos you have just taken without unlocking the phone - just swipe from right to left again. If you want to access your entire gallery, you will need to unlock the screen.

    Use the dedicated key

    Even if you are in the middle of using another app or adjusting the phone’s settings, you can always access the camera by pressing and holding the dedicated Camera key on the right side of the phone.

  • Memories to keep? Back up your photos Open or Close

    The Photos app on T2 HD shows a gallery of the photos you have taken with your phone. If you turn Auto-Backup on in the app's settings, all your photos will be backed up automatically.

    Afterwards, you will be able to view them on any device or computer via your Google+ account. You can set the Photos app to back up anytime or over Wi-Fi only. 

    Get better photos

    The Photos app makes it easy to improve your photos by adding filters. Moreover, the Auto-enhance feature can make subtle adjustments like removing red eyes and improving lighting. You can also choose only to see highlights from your gallery. In the highlights view, the app hides duplicates and blurry images, making it easy to find the right moments to share.

    You’re in control

    Via the desktop version of Google+ you can easily organize and share your photos and albums with the right people. You can choose individuals, entire circles, or email addresses as receivers. You can even get a link to send around or share on other sites.