This is your starting point for learning more about your Lumigon products.

T2 Quick start guide

This section will help you get started with your T2 smartphone in no time.


  • Buttons and connectors Open or Close


    support-t2 at a glance


    1. Power button 
    • Turn on and off your T2
    • Go to or wake up from Sleep mode
    • Shortcut to Airplane and Silent modes
    2. Remote transmitter / receiver 
    • Record commands from any of your infrared remote controls to use your T2 as a universal remote control.
    3. 3.5-mm headphone connector
    • Plug in your headset.
    4. Front-facing camera 
    • Use it for video calls, taking pictures of yourself, and in the Mirror app.
    5. Activity button 
    • Program the Activity button to perform a specific action, like answering a call, silencing a call, turning on flashlight, etc.
    6. Volume / Camera zoom buttons 
    • Turn volume up or down
    • Zoom in or zoom out when using camera
    • Adjust the volume of the ringtone
    • Set the phone to vibrate in Silent mode
    • Go to Silent mode
    7. Two-step camera button with autofocus 
    • Quickly access the camera app
    • When using camera, press and hold down the button halfway down to focus, and then press to shoot.
     8. Back (soft button) 
    • Return to the previous screen.
    9. Home 
    • Return to the main Home screen
    • View recently used apps
    • Wake the screen up from Sleep mode
    10. Menu (soft button)  
    • Access various phone and app settings
    11. Speaker  
    12. Micro USB 
    • Plug in the USB cable to either charge the battery or to connect T2 to your computer.
    13. Microphone  
    14. Lanyard 
    • Attach a lanyard that matches your mood and style.



  • Getting started Open or Close

    To start using your smartphone you will need the following:

    • T2 smartphone
    • The original Lumigon battery that came with your phone
    • The original USB cable and power adaptor that came with your phone
    • A standard SIM card and an optional memory card (microSD card)

    IMPORTANT To avoid damaging your phone, always use original Lumigon batteries and authorized USB cables with your phone. Also, use only compatible SIM cards. T2 uses a standard-sized SIM card.

    b cover2-01

    1. Remove the back cover

    1. With your fingernail open the back cover from the bottom of the phone.

    2. Lift the back cover halfway up and gently push it out and away from the phone.

    sim sd 05-01

    2. Insert the SIM and microSD cards

    1. Gently slide the SIM card into its slot (cut-off corner first and gold contacts facing down).

    2. Gently slide the microSD card into its slot (gold contacts facing down).


    3. Insert the battery

    1. Insert the top of the battery first as shown in the illustration (logo facing up).

    2. Gently insert the rest of the battery without using force.

    B cover back on 2-01

    4. Put the back cover back on

    1. Attach the top of the back cover at the top of the phone first - make sure the 2 snaps on each side are in place in the phone.

    2. Click the back cover back into place all the way down – make sure it is secured tightly to the phone.


    5. Charge the battery

    1. Plug the original USB cable into the micro USB connector.

    2. Plug the other end of the USB cable into the power adaptor and plug it into a power outlet (charging time 1-2 hours)  OR plug the USB cable into a computer (charging time 2-3 hours).

    on off v03-01

    6. Turn on the phone

    Press and hold down the Power button for 2-3 seconds.

  • What's in the box Open or Close

    You will find the following items in the box:

    • T2 smartphone
    • Battery
    • USB charging cable
    • USB charger for 110/220 Volt
    • Headset
    • Quick start guide, Safety guide, Warranty statement, and End-user license agreement.

    If something is missing in the box, please contact the shop where you bought your phone.