T2 HD user manual

First steps
What's inside the box
Overview of your phone
Getting started
The SIM card tray and its opener
Setting up your phone for the first time
Using a Google Account
Why sign in with a Google Account?
How do I get a Google Account?
How do I add a Google Account on my phone?
Keys and connectors
Physical keys vs. onscreen keys
Using the keys and connectors
Using the touchscreen
Finger gestures
Accessing the settings
Wireless and networks settings overview
Device settings overview
Personal settings overview
Accounts settings overview
System settings overview
Screen lock
About screen lock
Set up a screen lock
Lock the screen instantly with the Power key
Set automatic timeout for screen lock
Disable a screen lock
Sleep mode
About Sleep mode
Go to and wake up from sleep
Adjust the sleep timeout
Silent & Vibrate modes
About Silent and Vibrate modes
Switch to Silent and Vibrate modes
Sunlight mode
About Sunlight mode
Enable Sunlight toggle
Switch to and from Sunlight mode
Airplane mode
About Airplane mode
Switch to and from Airplane mode
Home screen and its elements
About Home screen
Status bar and Notifications panel
Google search™ bar with Google Now™
The Dock and the Dock icons
Personalize your Home screen
Manage your apps
The All Apps screen
Move an app to a Home screen or the Dock
View your recently used apps
Create and manage folders with apps
Change an app's settings
Force stop a misbehaving app
Find more apps on Google Play™
View info about an app
Uninstall apps
Update an app
Reinstall an app
Onscreen keyboard
Entering text and symbols
Change keyboard settings
Change keyboard orientation
Basic text editing
Contacts and the People app
Adding contacts on your phone
Manage your contacts
Working with groups of contacts
Placing a phone call
Receiving a phone call
Options during a call
Call log
Change call settings
Messaging (SMS and MMS)
About the Messaging app
Read and send SMS and MMS messages
Manage your messages
Change Messaging settings
Accounts and data synchronization
Account types
Google Accounts - adding, removing, syncing
Microsoft Exchange accounts - adding, removing, syncing
Backing up your data
About backup service
Adding a backup Google Account
Disabling backup
Factory reset
About factory reset
Performing a factory reset
Restoring Google Account data
About QuickTouch
Configuring QuickTouch
Turning QuickTouch ON and OFF
About ActionKey
Configuring ActionKey
Enabling and disabling ActionKey
Using the ActionKey in the Camera app
About Handwave
Turning Handwave ON and OFF
Configuring Handwave
Glove mode
About Glove mode
Turning Glove mode ON and OFF
Mobile networks
Connecting to mobile networks
Mobile network settings
Wi-Fi networks
About Wi-Fi
Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
Add, remove and modify added Wi-Fi networks
Advanced Wi-Fi settings
About Bluetooth
Connecting to Bluetooth devices
Unpairing, renaming and managing visibility
Notification light
About notification light
Enable and disable the notification light
Change the type of notification light
Use your phone as a universal remote control
About the remote control feature
Create your first remote control
Create multiple remote controls
Navigate between your remote controls
Back up your remote controls
Behavior Control
About Behavior Control
Using Behavior Control without a dock
Using Behavior Control with a Lumigon dock
Update your phone
About updating
Check for new firmware manually
Change Updater settings
Monitor and optimize battery usage
Check battery level and usage
Extend battery life
Take photos and record videos
About the Camera app
Opening the camera
Switching between Camera, Video and Panorama modes
Switch between the front and back cameras
Take a photo
Record a video
Take a panoramic photo
Adjust camera settings
Listen to music
About the Play Music app
Opening the Play Music app
Navigating the Play Music app
Playing music
Search your music
Connect to a computer
Connect to a Windows computer
Connect to a Mac computer
Monitor and control mobile data usage
Data usage settings
Set a data usage warning and limit
Restrict data usage by app
Manage your downloads
About the Downloads app
View your downloads
Delete a downloaded item
Share a downloaded item
Copy a downloaded item to a computer
Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot
About sharing data connection
Start sharing your data connection
Stop sharing your data connection
Rename your Wi-Fi hotspot and manage its security
Add a Wi-Fi hotspot shortcut