Lumigon is cool enough for Hitman: Agent 47

There’s only one smartphone cool enough for Hitman Agent 47 in the new Hitman movie – and that’s a Lumigon.

The Hitman movie production company was on the lookout for a phone that was a strikingly elegant piece of design that could fit Agent 47. They also wanted something “under the radar”; something that had the potential to become an iconic fashion accessory as well as being a fully functional killer smartphone in its own right.

Lumigon was a logical choice for them since Hitman is a game originally conceived and developed by the Danish gaming company IO Interactive located in the same city as Lumigon. Agent 47 is discretely stylish, effective and lightning fast just like Lumigon smartphones.

Hitman: Agent 47 was released in North America in August and will be rolling out in cinemas globally throughout the rest of 2015. All this means Copenhagen-based Lumigon is heading for massive global exposure. And the company is more than ready.

Lumigon has already carved an enviable niche in the market for beautiful smartphones. Their “no compromises” attitude to quality, durability, functionality and ergonomics has been winning ground since the first product was launched in 2010.

Although Lumigon is a recognised force in the high-end smartphone market, being selected for such a major Hollywood production is a great honour for the company and a very visible international stamp of approval.

Lumigon CEO & Founder Lars Gravesen says, “We are extremely delighted that Twentieth Century Fox wanted to use a Lumigon smartphone in Hitman: Agent 47. It shows our concept of Scandinavian design and superb quality is understood and appreciated.” He continues, “We’re genuinely passionate about bringing the latest technology and superb craftsmanship to 21st century communications technology in our products. Thanks to Hitman: Agent 47 we’ve been given the opportunity to show the fruits of our labour to millions of people all over the world.”


About Lumigon

Lumigon designs and produces high-end smartphones. Based in Copenhagen, we get our inspiration from Scandinavian design traditions known for functional and minimalistic elegance. We are a privately held company with vast experience within consumer electronics, mobile software and distribution.  


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