Innovative features in Danish design

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T3 in 24-karat gold

Introducing new Lumigon headset

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Lumigon starring in Blockbuster movie

Agent 47 never misses a target with his Lumigon smartphone – watch the trailer

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Fingerprint authentication and Lumigon’s unique Vault provide cutting-edge security.

Night vision

Night vision

First smartphone in the world having a Night Vision camera to capture images in the total dark.



The innovative BackTouch technology allows to control the display from the back of the phone.

T2 on geeky-gadgets.com

"Lumigon have now said that the device will also come with a digital vault, which they describe as a digital encrypted safety box for storing passwords and your data and files"

T2 on ubergizmo.com

"...one of its more notable features is the fact that it comes with Bang & Olufsen integrated audio."

Lumigon’s T2 honoured in international media

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With the announcement of the smartphone T2, Lumigon has caught quite a lot of attention in international media. A lot of positive words have already been written about the new Scandinavian smartphone.