Lumigon unveils T2

Press release 27-02-12

Lumigon unveils T2

The new smartphone T2 from Lumigon integrates a sleek Scandinavian design, audio by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, latest version of the AndroidTM platform and several innovative features. It will be available in selected markets in Europe and Asia during the first half of 2012. Today, Lumigon, a Scandinavian designer and producer of consumer electronics, unveils a new high-end smartphone called T2. It is designed to stand out from the crowd and enable the user to make a stylish statement. “With T2 we wanted to present a smartphone that signifies an alternative to the common choices in the market. We believe there is a demand for something new, with a different look and a different story. T2 offers advanced features and a sophisticated design for the style conscious consumer,” says Lars Gravesen, CEO of Lumigon.

A distinctive design

T2 is designed with clear references to Lumigon’s origins in terms of Scandinavian design traditions renowned for simple and solid elegance. This is seen in the chosen materials  – stainless steel and glass – as well as the minimalistic composition of the device.

“When drawing T2, we envisioned a trimmed smartphone with an ultra-sharp screen in a compact and streamlined cover. Still, the design shouldn’t compromise any functionality. Thus for example, you can barely see the camera and volume buttons on the side, but you feel them clearly when holding the device in your hand,” explains Line Thomsen, Head of Design at Lumigon.

Control at hand

The combination of an infrared remote control integrated in the top of T2 and a built-in learn function turns T2 into a universal remote control.

“All it takes is pointing an infrared remote control to the top of T2, pressing the desired command, and it will be recorded into the memory of the smartphone. Then you have an easy end convenient access to operate your TV or music center. T2 is even able to recognize your gestures. This means that you can for instance navigate menus on a screen by the wave of your hand," explains Lars Gravesen from Lumigon.

Another distinguishable feature on T2 is the activity button above the screen. It can be programmed to perform any desired function, even when the phone is locked. For instance, long press to turn on the flashlight and short press to call a friend.

Furthermore T2 features a 3.8” ultra-sharp screen with high resolution. It is powered by a 1.4 Ghz QualcommTM SnapdragonTM processor, which offers a fast and seamless browsing experience.


T2 will be launched in selected markets in Europe and Asia during first half of 2012.

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About Lumigon 

Lumigon is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company’s R & D and manufacturing facilities are located in Hong Kong. It is a privately held company with vast experience in consumer electronics, mobile software and distribution. Discover more about Lumigon at http://www.lumigon.com