Board of directors

Ida Gron

Ida Grøn


Ida Howard Grøn graduated from University of Copenhagen and started her career as a scientist at the level of PhD. In 1977 she commenced her business career and quickly progressed into management positions. Within global technology companies she has held senior executive positions, such as Executive Director/Head of Factory and Global Vice President at Danisco (now DuPont) with a particular focus on the combination of technology and logistics. Today, Ida’s primary occupation is to manage the investment firm Weirsøe-Invest ApS.


Juha Christensen

Member of the Board

Juha is a serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record. Voted one of the 25 most Influential Europeans in Technology by Time Magazine, he has dedicated his career to building digital eco systems. His early research into Dynamic Modeling led to him co-found Symbian, which shipped inside a billion smartphones. Later, he ran the group that introduced Microsoft's Pocket PC and Smartphone to the market. He was later President at Macromedia and a board member at Trolltech, the creators of Qt. As CEO of CloudMade, Juha is leading the Connected Car software company’s work with large automotive brands, changing the way cars are built, marketed, bought and driven. Juha passionately believes that every great idea deserves success. This has let him to found Cogniance, a 550 person strong technology product co-creation firm dedicated to helping nurture, fund and scale great ideas into large successes. Juha’s chairman and board roles include companies like CloudMade, Cogniance, Pelican Imaging, Brandworkz, Buttonwood Financial, The Pad and Lumigon.

lars graveren

Lars Gravesen

Founder & CEO

Lars began his career in 1989 as a senior consultant at Accenture where he primarily focused on IT structure and security. In 1995, he founded a software consulting company, DanTeam A/S, which was sold into Aston Group in 1999. In 2001, after being a director in Aston Group, Lars founded Excitor A/S, a mobile software security company with focus on mobile device management for enterprises. Excitor was sold in 2014 to Solition in Japan. Today, he is the CEO of Lumigon A/S which he founded in 2010 in the dream of bringing cool smartphones to the market.

Michael Moesgaard Andersen

Michael Moesgaard Andersen

Member of the Board

Michael Moesgaard Andersen has been in the mobile business since he graduated from Aarhus University in 1983 and participated in numerous transactions in his former management consulting company. Moreover, he was the co-founder and 50% owner of CBB Mobil A/S, the world’s first discount MVNO based on an e-commerce concept. After he established his present business angel/venture set up, he has been instrumental in a total of 20 transactions. Michael is also an adj. Professor at Copenhagen Business School.