Innovative features in Danish design

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T3 in 24-karat gold

Introducing new Lumigon headset

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Lumigon starring in Blockbuster movie

Agent 47 never misses a target with his Lumigon smartphone – watch the trailer

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Fingerprint authentication and Lumigon’s unique Vault provide cutting-edge security.

Night vision

Night vision

First smartphone in the world having a Night Vision camera to capture images in the total dark.



The innovative BackTouch technology allows to control the display from the back of the phone.

Lumigon's upcoming launch in Børsen

While the world's mobile giants are launching their new mobile flagships, there is also a small but perhaps more interesting dot on the radar. You see, the Danish smartphone manufacturer Lumigon has just published a picture of their upcoming smartphone...


Lumigon featured in the book Star Product Designers

From the book: Star Product Designers: Prototypes, Products, and Sketches from the World's Top Designers "Lumigon focuses on creating luxury technology products with unique, origi- nal, innovative, and functional designs."

T2 in infos mobiles

"To admire this Android smartphone called T2 made by the Swedish manufacturer Lumigon, you will have to visit internet sites like Expansys, to find it at prices starting from 550 €."