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Lumigon smartphone helps Agent 47 to perform
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Now T2 HD is available in all Telenor stores.

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Lumigon launches exclusive Gold Edition

T2 HD is now available in 24 karat gold

Five grand stars for T2 HD

The respected Danish technology reviewer John G. Pedersen was the first to test T2 HD. He praised its design and performance for being beyond expectations.

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T2 HD on

The global award-winning news site featured T2 HD and was thrilled by the possibility of taking well-lit selfies


Lumigon presents T2 HD

Lumigon presents T2 HD

On the 27th of March 2014 Lumigon announced their T2 HD smartphone. The phone is designed to be damage- and water-resistant and to have an exclusive look and feel at the same time.

New innovative FrontFlash

New innovative FrontFlash

T2 HD features an innovative flash for the front-facing camera. This means that you can take clear self-portraits, make video calls and use the Mirror app even when it’s dark.

T2 HD comes with a dock

T2 HD comes with a dock

Along with T2 HD, our customers will find a classy dock in the sales box. The dock is built of stainless steel and matches the design of T2 HD. Use it for charging and to transfer data.

First consumer reactions to Lumigon T2 HD

Lumigon went out to Copenhagen City Center and showed the Lumigon T2 HD. See the reactions.

Watch Video Lumigon launches high-end T2 HD smartphone

"If the flagship smartphones of 2014 haven't caught your imagination – Apple's iPhone 6, Samsung's Galaxy S5 or HTC's One M8 – then allow us to introduce the Lumigon T2 HD."


Web-tv: Lumigon T2 HD - the first Danish smartphone tested

"All things considered, Lumigon T2 HD is a good and effective smartphone. And we Danes have every right to be proud of introducing it to the global battle for market shares…"